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Newest Interior Design Article. The Three Biggest Interior Design Questions
Newest Interior Design Article. Before starting any interior design or remodeling project, you need to think about the three biggest areas. Do you know what they are? You’ll find out below along with some interior design tips on ho...
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Trends In Interior Decorating

It is easy to see why you feel so relaxed when you are surrounded by nature. The colors are calming and it just feels right to commune with this particular environment. Environmental Decorating is a popular trend that addr...

By: Connie Garrett

A Guide to Feng Shui in the Home Office

The translation of Feng Shui is “wind and water,” and it considers the intangible and tangible aspects of life, their interaction, and their influences. The goal is to find a harmonious balance between them. Th...

By: Jo Ann Joy

Boring Decor? Use A Room Divider To Add Interest

Whether you live in an openly built home or a studio apartment, decorating with a room divider can help your space go from drab to fab! You can easily use a room divider of any type to make your space more warm and intimat...

By: Lee Dobbins

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How to Arrange Furniture

Many homeowners become overwhelmed when presented with bare rooms and with all the possibilities for arranging their furniture. They may just stand in the middle of the room, shake their heads and ...

Snazzy holiday tabletops on a budget

Spray-paint pine cones silver or gold and put them in a glass vessel, such as this oversized martini glass . Elegant holiday centerpieces can be assembled with items you may already have.

Accent chairs stand for more

For designer Betsy Stires, accent chairs are a decorating treat. They're mobile pieces, easy to move from room to room, and one of the quickest ways to spruce up a dull space and express personal s...

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